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Daydream weaver
4th Album
Daydream weaver
2009.4.8 out

 1. Stupid diary
 2. 南ウイング
 3. Never enough (feat.Lucy)
 4. Here
 5. しにがみの夢
 6. Edge of the bed (feat.竹内宏美)
 7. Better days (feat.佐野元春)
 8. Nothing
 9. Circuit of life
10. Red signal
11. About a love (feat.Lucy)
12. 胸いっぱいの愛

Produce: 深沼元昭
All Songs Words & Music by 深沼元昭
Except M-6 words by 竹内宏美&深沼元昭 / Music by 深沼元昭
Except M-11 words by Lucy / Music by 深沼元昭

Vocal, Backig Vocals, Guiters, Bass, Keyboards, Programming & Other All Instruments: 深沼元昭
Except Except M-7 Vocals: 佐野元春 by the courtesy of DaisyMusic
Except M-3,11 Vocals: Lucy (LAZYgunsBRISKY) by the courtesy of BabeStar Label / Victor Entertainment, Inc.
Except M-6 Vocals: 竹内宏美
Except M-1,4,5,7,8,10,12 Bass: 林幸浩 (TRICERATOPS) by the courtesy of tearbridge records
Except M-1,2,4,5,7,8,10,12 Drums: 小松シゲル (NONA REEVES)

Recording & Mixing Engineer: 深沼元昭
Except M-1,2,4,5,7,8,10,12 Recording Engineer: 池内亮
Except M-7 Mixing Engineer: 渡辺省二郎
Assistant Eengineer: 上甲敬太(SOUND ARTS)
Recording & Mixing Studio: スタジオドージョー
Recording Studios: サウンドアーツ, エムズ・ファクトリー
Mixing Studio: 青葉台スタジオ
Mastering Engineer: 相川洋一(ROLLING SOUND MASTERING)

Art Direction & Design: 野辺ハヤト(breath piece), 宮原智子(breath piece)
Photographs: 岡田貴之
Hair&Make: 宮原幸子

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